• Frank Prill


    Klassik and Design together with old established yarn factories develops a new generation of yarns matching the okological, social and ethnical standards of the modern generation regarding interior design. Our okologic, social and ethnic principles are being controlled along the supply chain.

  • Floor coverings made by PEARL being produced individually in shape, color and size.PEARL floor coverings are made by a family owned company with 210 workers. The salary is considerably exceeding the national average and is being controlled permanently.
  • INDOOR floor coverings are made from 100 % cotton. OUTDOOR coverings are made from 100 % Polyester recyclable. 192 jets make 1 yarn, twisted in a wind channel. That gives the surface a silky shine. Dying is made by hand in a barre. 1 teespoon color is enough for 500 I. water. After dying the yarn is being washed and dried in the sun.
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    +49 69 956 383 93
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